"The Vision" was actually a vision that I had received. It was like I was sitting in the front seat of a car traveling down the road and looking out at the right front door mirror. The image of the cross was the strongest. An artistís name, Linda Marion, was also given to me at the same time along with a strong message to distribute the vision - quite an experience.

I went to Linda Marion, a great artist who lives near Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, and told her what had happened. I asked her if she would be willing to attempt to paint it and she agreed. After much communication and a lot of patience and inspiration on her part, "The Vision" was completed. The original painting is a watercolor with an image of 11"x14".

"The Vision" was reproduced into offset lithograph prints of different sizes that look just like the original. It is copywritten under Stowers Enterprises Inc and has been issued a United States Library of Congress registration number VA928-359.

Thank you for sharing my experience involved with "The Vision". May in the sharing of it with others help you. The moments we cross each others paths on this Earth are very important. The most important item we have the opportunity to do in our life is the sharing of Jesus Christ. Look behind the cross for Him. Receive Him into your heart today. Peace be with you.

David E. Stowers